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:: Astro Dynamic Manifestation™ & Astro Boost ::

Practical Applications

LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments
powered by Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generator

You can now proceed step by step, starting from very easy-to-do and equally effective ADM methods to increasingly complex applications for very specialized uses.

What you need:

As a basic equipment, you need an ADM Kit, which is a
Astro Dynamic Manifestation specialty Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® (LifeForce- & LifeEnergy Equipments) with its basic accessories:
Astro Dynamic Manifestation a set of specially tuned transfer diagrams (filters) hat represent the basic astrological energies: houses, signs and planets, and transfer couples of Orgonite®, at least one for each room.
Still better is one LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipment with Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® for each room and each living space.

Later, when you will be familiar with methods of timing and specially timed lay outs, it will be best to add the SuperManifestation™ -radionic- program and eventually you can begin to use the ATG 12 / ATG 12000, which is the top of the line tool for the expert who desires maximum success.

1. Make a design of your environments of your choice: home, office, etc.

2. Define the natural layout of the twelve sectors and determine the locations of strongest influence of the astrological houses.

3. Analyze your living space as is.

4. Consider re-decorating, re-arranging (or/and... re-building!) into the natural sectors – move furniture etc. (as in traditional Feng Shui).

5. Instead of re-arranging (4) you can use our powerful equiment, i.e., the LifeForce- & LifeEnergy Equipments with Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, together with accessories (Structural Links and /or Radionic Programs), and you can project -desired- cosmic energies (astrological houses, signs and planets) wherever you intend to send them, regardless of the original layout of the house.
This allows you to project the energies of a single astrological house into more than one locations, which is a significant advantage over "traditional" methods, especially when you are working on the energetic layout of an office or business.

6. You can modify -anytime- the house energies with planetary energies and characteristics of signs of the zodiac.
For optimal use of this exciting new technology, you can ask the assistance and consultation services of a person who is tranined in ADM, or you can take a few classes yourself.


Traditional Methods

1. Bedroom

astro dynamic manifestation :: astro-boostHere is an example of a bedroom, in which the bed is located in the sectors 2 and 3, sectors which are good for money and communications.

The person who sleeps in such a bedroom has an inclination to be focused in these areas of life experience while asleep, or while you are relaxing in the bed.

This can be a great advantage for a person who has no romantic interests at all and who is intent on focusing in these areas even when asleep.

astro dynamic manifestation :: astro-boost– As mentioned, the bed is located in sectors 2 and 3.
This is positive to get ideas for money and communications while asleep.

astro dynamic manifestation :: astro-boost Now, to get a bit more romantic, simply move the bed into sector 5 and, to get prophetic dreams, you can move the center of the bed into sector 9.

In most cases, the orientation of the room is not suited for an esthetic setup that simlutaneously matches your requirements for optimal energy.

And that’s exactly where you can use the Astro-Dynamic Manifestation technology to project into the bed -or any other places- the energies that you desire.(!)

In practically all cases, this is a much better solution than setting the bed awkwardly.

In addition to that, you can use the same Astro-Dynamic method to change the energetic setup of your room and the space where you sleep (astrological houses) without needing to re-arrange the room every time you want to activate another astrological house (field of life experience) during your sleep.

When you use a transfer diagram for an astrological house, with planets, etc., activation occurs whenever a person is in that room to pull those energies.
When there is no person in the room, no transfer of energy occurs. (!)

Alternative Methods

using the LifeForce- & LifeEnergy Equipments
with integrated Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & OrgoneGenerator®

The bed in this example is in a sector that is suited for communications and money.astrological mundane houses

To get romantic, instead of moving the bed, you can transfer the energies of the 5th house to that location.

You can do this with a structural link such as a transfer disk that connects to a Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, which also draws the energies of the 5th house.

For prophetic dreams -if you wish-, simply make a change on your LifeForce- & LifeEnergy Equipments with integrated Chi Generator & Prana Generator & Orgone Generator, and the energies of the 9th house will be transferred -and will be active- to the bed.

The LifeForce- & LifeEnergy Equipments with integrated Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®is in the center of a special (life)energy structure (Orgonite™) that represents the 12 astrological houses, where the position of the transfer disk defines the energy that transfers to the bedroom.

astrological mundane houses :: adm :: astro-boostThe transfer can be in the center of the bed, ideally under the mattress, as shown in the picture above.

Alternatively, you can put the transfer in the center of the bedroom, by which method the room -as a whole- has the desired energy.

If neither positioning is possible, other locations will do, provided they are at least 2 feet from a wall and same distance from floor. (!)

The advantage of this Astro-Dynamic approach over a rigid house system or the static methods of Feng Shui is obvious.

With this Astro-Dynamic approach, you can now change the basic energy of any location (in the example, it was the bedroom), without the need of moving the furniture (or, worse, rearrange the rooms in your apartment or house) every time you desire a change. (!)

2. An Office

This is even more obvious in the example that follows, where we optimize Astro-Dynamically an L-shaped office.

According to Feng Shui and other rigid-static teachings, such a layout is supposed to be entirely unsuitable.

astrological mundane housesIn fact, as we have seen in several cases, which we optimized with our Astro-Dynamic Manifestation methods using the LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments with built-in or integrated Chi Generator& Orgone Generator, such offices turned out to be significantly more efficient and successful, than others, that were rigidly arranged according to the strict rules of -traditional- Feng Shui, which were designed originally for the simplistic needs of primitive civilizations of two to three thousand years ago.

This type of a small office is "impossible" for the traditional Feng Shui "masters" with their rigid requirements.

As an alternative, you can find a more modern and dynamic Feng Shui Method, which, like the Astro-Dynamic methods that we describe here, is possible because of the new technology of the Chi Generator & Prana Generator & Orgone Generator integrated into the performant LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments.

When you limit yourself to the "traditional approach" of Feng Shui, even a well-chosen lay out misses important "directions" (energies).

If laid out the traditional way in the astrological house system, again very important sectors are missing.

With the North-South direction as indicated, the office was missing the very important sectors of "personality", finances and communications (astrology houses 1 – 3), which naturally can led to failure in these areas, which are so important for any business.

With the help of Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™ methods, the office was optimized!

Of course, there are solutions possible that differ from the one below.
It all depends on the nature of the enterprise and in part also on the personal characteristics and desires of the CEO's of the company.astrological mundane houses

With our solution, the business that we supported became very effective and successful almost immediately.

- The storage area was left to itself
- The room with I and X (first and tenth houses), Jupiter and Saturn were energized to maximize effectiveness and success of the CEO
- The room with V and XI (creativity, team work) to develop new projects – the office was for web design.
- The room X with Moon and Pluto was for PR and advertising.
- The room VI for management of the work force.
- The room II and VIII for bookkeeping and money in general.astrological mundane houses

Whenever a room needs to serve another purpose, the appropriate energies can be induced at once without the need to re-arrange office furniture or moving into another office.

You can modify the energies in a room in the same manner.

For instance, creativity and team work in room V – XI can get planetary energies and energies of signs that are optimal for a specific project, and they can be changed immediately whenever a new project is worked on.

Let's repeat here, the advantages of the

Astro-Dynamic Manifestation


(1) You can select a room or space in your apartment or office that fits best your purpose, and then you can transfer any astrological energy (fields of life experiences = astrological houses, planetary functions and modalities of the signs) of your choice into this space.

(2) You have your main focus (power transfer) on the sectors that you desire most, while giving less power to the sectors that do not serve your purpose for the time being (again, TIMING is important).

(3) Furthermore, you can omit sectors that you do not need entirely.

You can proceed as follows:

a) Make a design of room, apartment, and office.

b) Determine the areas in which you want to activate specific energies and define the energies.
You can ignore sectors (houses) whose influence you do not want in the area.

When re-arranging sectors, set them up in a way that ensures an optimal internal flow of energies.
Avoid chaotic setups.
If you are not completely sure about the optimal choice of your set up, consult with one of our professionals.
This is well worth the investment!astrodynamic manifestation program

c) Astro-Boost these areas by establishing linkage to them.

   (c1) With direct transfer disks or diagrams.

   (c2) With the help of a -radionic- computer program.

You can find instructions in the manual that comes with the Manifestation Program.


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